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The NAMM Convention Recap

Well, I’m flying home from the NAMM convention in Anahiem California.  Haven’t had much sleep, but otherwise I’m feeling great. If you don’t know what NAMM is like, imagine you are walking down the sidewalk and notice a cool music store that you just have to check out, and after you have explored it,  you step back out on the sidewalk and right next door, there’s another cool music shop with something right in the window you have never seen before that you just have to learn about.  And then there’s another store and another, and it goes on for miles.  So much new stuff to learn about. 

I was there to talk to folks about the new David Wilcox signature edition Rainsong guitar, and to show people how to use cut capos at the Kyser booth, and to play in Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar night.  Wow.  It was wonderful to hear so many whoop-ass guitar players all on one stage.  She was very kind to invite me. I relied on my storytelling as you might imagine, and I sang songs about the love we have in common for our instrument, the guitar.  I wasn’t too nervous, mostly because I was very happy to bring such a beautiful accoustic tone to the event.  

This is only my third gig with my new sound rig.  I’m now carrying a tiny digital mixer that dials in very accurate parametric EQ on all my different guitar pickups (5 of them) and then gives the sound guy just one XLR line so his job is easy.  When I did my sound check, My guitar sounded fantastic right away and the sound man never tweaked it at all.  It’s the next step in my evolving mission to get my homework done and do as much of my soundcheck as I can before I even get to the gig.  Soon digital mixers will be so light that I will mount one inside the guitar.

When I was flying out West for this run of gigs, I had my guitar with me in the airport instead of checking it, since the flights were hectic due to the snow.  When someone asked what kind of guitar I was playing, I was tempted to say:  

“Well, as a matter of fact, this is the new David Wilcox signature edition.”  But I thought about a possible funny conversation that might result, and so instead I said: “It’s a Rainsong”

The conversation I had imagined went something like this:

I would say:  “This is the David Wilcox signature edition”

And he would have said:  “So who’s david wilcox?”

And I would say:  “Why, thanks for asking,  I’m David Wilcox”

And he would reply:  “Oh, I get it, you just signed your name on your own guitar and called it the signature edition!  Hey that’s funny, I’m gonna do that too.”

And I would have said:  “No, no, this is the OFFICIAL David Wilcox edition!”

And he would say, “Of course it is; you signed it yourself, right?  And you probably did the same on your car too.  It’s not the Eddie Bower Excursion anymore is it?  Now it’s the David Wilcox Excursion!  OK, OK,  I get it!”

And by then, it would be over.  His punch line would trump my boast because it’s way more interesting.  So, in that instant, when he asked what kind of guitar I was playing, I just said,  “It’s a Rainsong,” and kept it simple.  

I am flying back to winter now from my short little summer vacation, and I look forward to being home and recording the new songs I have been writing lately.  I got a new one yesterday morning that is such a unique idea.  I’ve never heard a song with a similar angle.  I would love to tell you more about it, but the thing with songs is, you can’t release the pressure, or else saying it will deflate the need for singing it.  I’ll let you know how it comes out. 

I love these little adventures to get my music out.  It is great seeing many of you again and again over all this time.  I am grateful that my music serves and that it is still big fun.  I feel like it is getting more satisfying to play for you after all these years.  We have so much to build on.  I love my job.  It is very kind of you to give me a lift down this long road, so to speak.

Hope all is well with you, and thanks for the ride,


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